Replication and Expansion Policy

Article I


The purpose of this replication and expansion policy is to establish eligibility criteria for the
replication and expansion of existing high-quality charter schools in alignment with the State
Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) mission and vision.

Article II


  1. Scope of Review. The SCSC will determine charter school eligibility for replication and/or expansion based on the three most recent years of performance data.
  2. First-Term Eligibility. A school in its first charter term will not be eligible for replication or expansion unless it has met State Charter School Commission of Georgia (SCSC) Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) standards in academics, operations, and finance for three consecutive years.
  3. Second or Subsequent Term Eligibility. A school in its second or subsequent charter term is eligible for replication and/or expansion when performance data demonstrates that:
    1. the school has met CPF academic standards for three consecutive years; and
    2. the school has met CPF standards in operations and finance in two of the three most recent years, including the year immediately preceding its application for replication and/or expansion.*

*Schools in the second or subsequent charter term that meet CPF operations and finance standards in the most recent school year but received a score of “Approaches Standards” in operations and or finance in at least one other year are encouraged to apply for replication and or expansion. These petitions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Adopted by the SCSC on September 29, 2021.

Download this pdf file. Replication and Expansion Policy