Public Comment

  • Members of the public may request an opportunity to provide public comment to the Board of Commissioners for the State Charter Schools Commission (SCSC) by sending an email request to the SCSC Office Coordinator, Crystal Saldana by no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before any regularly scheduled board meeting. Crystal Saldana may be contacted at [email protected]. At the discretion of the SCSC Chairperson, the board may entertain public comment requests made during the board meeting.
  • During regularly scheduled board meetings, the SCSC Board Chairperson will recognize individuals that timely submitted a public comment request during the public comment portion of the meeting. At the discretion of the Chairperson, the order in which the board addresses agenda items may change to facilitate an orderly and efficient meeting.
  • Each person recognized to provide public comment shall direct comments to the board as a whole and restrict comments to no more than three (3) minutes, unless permitted to exceed this limit by the Chairperson. The SCSC board may, but is not required to, respond to comments. 
  • If several members of the public desire to make comment about the same topic, the Board Chairman may require individuals to select a spokesperson to speak on behalf of the group.