Summary of SCSC Expedited Review Process

Overview: In addition to its annual cycle for new charter schools and charter school renewals, the State  Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) will conduct abbreviated reviews for existing charter schools. The established track records of existing charter schools in the areas of academic performance, financial management and operational compliance enable a more accelerated review than that which is required of a brand new charter petition. While the SCSC remains flexible in the timeline for reviewing petitions from existing schools, final action to approve or deny these petitions will occur as early as possible to allow sufficient time for the school to prepare operations in the event of approval by the SCSC.

Who: Existing charter schools that meet SCSC standards as determined by the Comprehensive Performance Framework.

What: For each school seeking approval via an expedited timeline, SCSC staff will review:

  • The existing school’s original charter petition;
  • A Comprehensive Performance Framework overview that reviews the existing school’s academic, financial, and operational performance;
  • An abbreviated version of the SCSC application that describes the application meets the needs of the proposed school’s community and/or the state;
  • A proposed budget;
  • Past financial audits for the three preceding fiscal years;
  • Input from the existing school’s current authorizer (if different from the SCSC); and
  • Publically available information regarding the existing school (e.g. news reports, public complaints, court documents).

How: SCSC staff will review the school’s proposal and collaborate with the petitioning group for additional information as necessary. Once the proposal has the potential for approval, SCSC staff will conduct an interview with the proposed school’s governing board. SCSC staff will then formulate a recommendation to approve or deny each proposed school based on the application submitted by the proposed school’s respective governing board, the information collected by SCSC staff, an interview with the proposed school’s governing board and administrative leaders, and input from the existing school’s current authorizer (if different from the SCSC).

When: The SCSC timeline for considering petitions is flexible depending on the needs of the petitioning group. However, an existing school should allot approximately three months to complete the application and review process. Accordingly, interested schools are encouraged to contact the SCSC as soon as possible to allow the school sufficient time to prepare operation for a new school year.

Next Steps: Contact Kristen Easterbrook  to receive a copy of the appropriate application.

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