Eligibility Criteria for SCSC Petition Review

A charter school petitioning for authorization by the SCSC must:

(1) Have a state-wide attendance zone; or

(2) Have a defined attendance zone and demonstrate that the charter school has special characteristics, such as a special population, a special curriculum, or some other feature or features which enhance educational opportunities.

In Spring 2020, the SCSC voted to suspend the 2020 petition cycle due to the impact of COVID-19 on state revenues. At its August 26, 2020 board meeting, the SCSC voted to resume the 2020 petition cycle and establish the 2021 petition cycle. Please see the amended review timeline.

To be considered for SCSC review, a start-up petitioner must submit a letter of intent to the local school district prior to the school district’s deadlines, if required by the local board of education. Local school district deadlines for submitting letters of intent vary throughout the state. It is incumbent on the charter petitioner to identify the appropriate deadlines. It is not the responsibility of the local school district to inform prospective charter schools of deadlines.

Locally-approved charter schools may apply to transfer authorization to the SCSC only if the charter school receives a recommendation for non-renewal or termination from its current authorizer (SCSC Rule 691-2-.09).

The SCSC welcomes petitions from all regions of Georgia. As outlined in a Download this pdf file. joint letter of support from SCSC Chairman Tom Lewis and SCSC Executive Director Lauren Holcomb, the SCSC aims to improve the educational options available to Georgia students, and thus specifically encourages petitions that propose to serve students in chronically underperforming areas of the state.

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