Periodic Review of State Charter School Performance

The State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) is required by law to annually monitor and review state charter schools and hold them accountable for their performance.  This periodic review by the SCSC is one of many tools that Georgia utilizes to hold state charter schools accountable for adhering to high standards of academic, financial, and operational performance.  As provided in SCSC rule and each state charter school contract, the results of SCSC periodic reviews will be reflected through the SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF).  The SCSC will take appropriate action and impose meaningful consequences on a state charter school if the school fails to meet the expectations of the SCSC as demonstrated through the school’s performance on the SCSC CPF.   SCSC periodic reviews and CPF determinations will be conducted annually and the SCSC will take appropriate actions and impose consequences based on its review regardless of the term of a school’s charter contract.

The periodic review of state charter school performance is discussed in more detail in the guidance document available below.