Research & Best Practices

The SCSC maintains a robust research agenda to assist the charter sector in tackling common challenges and disseminate best practices to improve student outcomes. 

Starting Strong: Best Practices in Starting a Charter School

To support the establishment of strong start-up charter schools in Georgia and beyond, the SCSC commissioned researchers at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College to investigate best practices commonly found among successful start-up charter schools. This report summarizes findings from a study of charter schools in three states and interviews with organizations that support new charter schools through technical assistance, training, and resources in 11 states.

Economic Impact Study

The SCSC commissioned Georgia State University’s Center for State and Local Finance to analyze the economic impact of Georgia’s start-up charter schools on their communities.The research team broke the research questions down into four separate reports below.

Download this pdf file. Overview of the Reports

Study of Virtual School Performance and Impact

To better understand the virtual charter landscape, including the types of students who attend virtual schools and are likely to be successful in a virtual educational environment, the SCSC contracted with Public Impact and the National Association of Charter School Authorizers to conduct an in-depth scan of the performance trends of online charter schools. Find the Download this pdf file. full report and a Download this pdf file. summary briefing .