Governance Training Requirement

Georgia law, O.C.G.A. § 20‐2‐2084(f), requires that every member of a governing board of a state charter school participate in annual governing board training. In FY21, the SCSC will offer three opportunities for state charter school board members to receive this training through the SCSC free of charge.*

This year the SCSC will be offering all Governance Training opportunities virtually. In order to fully participate in SCSC training, board members should plan to attend one of the three live session dates listed below. These live sessions will replace the general sessions typically held at the in-person training events. Board members must plan to attend these during the scheduled time in order to receive credit for attending.

The remaining breakout sessions will be available as pre-recorded webinars that board members can complete at their convenience. Additionally, each training will have a quiz which the SCSC will use to verify participation. Breakout webinars will launch following the first live session on November 10th. Please use the link below to access those recordings.

The 2020-21 SCSC governance training sessions will be offered on the following dates.

FY21 Governance Training Breakout Session Webinars 

Alternate Training

Board members who do not wish to participate in SCSC training OR who do not fully attend SCSC governance training must seek alternate training through a list of approved providers. Note that the board members of newly approved schools are required to attend SCSC governance training in the planning year.

Webinar Recording for Reporting Governance Training Compliance in SCSC Portal

State Board of Education-Approved Alternate Training Providers

Download this pdf file.FY20 Governance Training Requirement Frequently Asked Questions  (Updated)

Download this pdf file.Alternate Governance Training - Required Sessions and Hours