Changes to the charter contract can occur through a charter amendment or an administrative clarification.

Charter Amendment

A charter school’s governing board and the SCSC may agree to amend a charter contract. Charter amendments are reserved for major changes to the terms of the charter contract, like essential or innovative features, the attendance zone, enrollment priorities, or weighted lottery provisions. Contract amendments require a majority vote by the SCSC in favor of the change.

The charter school may request to amend its charter contract by completing the form below and selecting “Amendment.”

Administrative Clarification

Changes to a charter contract that are not substantial enough to require a formal charter amendment can be administratively clarified, such as correcting page numbers, clerical or typographical corrections, or minor revisions to mission-specific goals. SCSC staff determines whether the change(s) requested requires an amendment or can be accomplished through an administrative clarification. Administrative clarifications can be approved by SCSC staff and do not require SCSC Board approval.

The charter school may request an administrative clarification by completing the form below and selecting “Administrative Clarification.”

Contract Change Questions

If you are not sure whether a request requires a charter amendment or administrative clarification, contact SCSC General Counsel Cerrone Lockett, [email protected], for guidance. 


Before requesting a change to the charter contract, consider when to make the request and when the change should go into effect. Because formal amendments to the charter require SCSC Board approval, make note of the SCSC Board meeting calendar. To the extent possible, amendment requests received at least three weeks before an SCSC Board meeting will be processed at the next regular board meeting. Charter schools should submit amendment requests at least three months before the intended effective date unless unavoidable.

Except in exceptional circumstances, charter amendment requests received within six months of renewal will be considered with the renewal applications and, if approved, will be reflected in the new charter contract rather than as a charter amendment. Administrative clarifications will be processed as they are received. 

Supporting documents

All amendment requests must include the following minimum information:

  • Meeting minutes (or a summary) reflecting a majority vote by the charter school governing board to change the charter contract.
  • The name, title, and contact information for the charter school’s amendment point of contact.
  • Identify the specific provision (paragraph, subparagraph, and/or section) of the charter to be changed. 
  • The text of the change requested.
  • A rationale for the requested change.
  • Proposed effective date of the change.
  • Affirmation of eligibility (for charter expansion requests).
  • Supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation will vary based on the change requested. Listed below is a list of potential supporting documentation for common contract changes:

  • Expansion
    • Evidence of Community Interest (e.g., waitlist data, evidence of community outreach, intent to enroll forms).
    • An enrollment plan (i.e., the grade configuration that indicates the number of students and individual grade levels the charter school will serve each year of operation if the amendment request is approved).
    • A marketing and recruitment plan to attract students and staff to facilitate the expansion. 
    • A budget demonstrating the financial viability of the expansion plans.
    • Updated mission-specific goals and essential and innovative features tailored to address the new grade band, if applicable.
    • Facility plans that demonstrate that the charter school has space (or will have space) to serve the additional grades or students when the contract change is effective.

    See also SCSC Rule 691-2-08

  • Attendance Zone
    • Evidence of Community Interest (e.g., waitlist data, evidence of community outreach, intent to enroll forms)
    • A marketing and recruitment plan to attract students from the new attendance zone.
    • Waitlist, enrollment, or other relevant data from public schools within the new attendance zone.
    • Data that supports the rationale for the request, such as documentation of a specific community need or impact.


Point of Contact

Use the spreadsheet linked to Identify additional grade(s) requested. For each grade requested: Describe the anticipated enrollment pattern for five years.

Anticipated Enrollment Spreadsheet

Upload completed spreadsheet below. 

New enrollment limit number.
Verification of Eligibility

I have read the SCSC Expansion Policy and confirm that my request meets the SCSC’s eligibility requirements for expansion.

Supporting documentation will vary based on the change requested. See guidance above.

No upload limit 

Confirming board vote for the amendment/administrative clarification.

Limited to 1 upload.