COVID-19: Information & Guidance for State Charter Schools

To consolidate information regarding the COVID-19 response and respond to questions/concerns from state charter schools, the SCSC will post information and resources for state charter schools to the SCSC website. Information will be updated every Wednesday. Please refer to the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) website at for additional guidance and resources to schools.

SCSC Mission

The State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) is Georgia's state-level, independent charter school authorizing board that seeks to improve public education throughout the state by authorizing high-quality charter schools that provide students with better educational opportunities than they would otherwise receive in traditional district schools. 

School Performance

See how your state charter school is doing. The Comprehensive Performance Framework tool assesses schools’ academic, financial and organizational performance.

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Who may start a charter school in Georgia?

Existing local schools, private individuals, private organizations, and state and local public entities may organize a charter public school subject to a performance-based contract approved by both the state and local boards of education or by the state board of education alone.