Welcome to the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia

The State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) is a state-level, independent charter school authorizing entity. The SCSC has the power to approve or deny petitions for state charter schools and renew, nonrenew, or terminate state charter school contracts in accordance with Georgia law.

SCSC Mission & Core Values:

The mission of the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia is to improve public education throughout the state by authorizing high quality charter schools that provide students with better educational opportunities than they would otherwise receive in traditional district schools. 

To achieve our mission and to carry out our statutory charges as an independent charter school authorizer, the SCSC conducts all business according to high standards of transparency, accessibility, objectivity, and innovation.

SCSC Duties:

While the SCSC's duties are set forth in law and extend beyond simply authorizing schools, the SCSC's principal obligations include:

  1. Reviewing state charter school petitions and assisting in the establishment of high-quality charter schools throughout Georgia;
  2. Disseminating information on research-based best practices to interested applicants as well as existing schools;
  3. Upholding high standards of academic, operational, and financial accountability for all state charter schools; and 
  4. Monitoring and annually evaluating state charter school performance. 

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