Agency Budget & Operations

Annual Operating Budget

The SCSC adopts an annual operating budget to facilitate the operation of the agency. Fiscal year 2024 revenue will utilize a 1.7% withhold for established schools and a 0.7% withhold for schools in their first year of operation. Budgeted funds are allocated for the programs and services that most effectively support state charter schools and fulfill the SCSC strategic plan.

Download this pdf file. Click here for the FY24 Agency Budget

Agency Staffing

The commission staff consists of 14 members working in 4 divisions: Petitions & Compliance, Charter Development, Research & Evaluation, and Business & Operations. The staff is responsible for the day-to-day management of the SCSC in alignment with the Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan and other directives as established by the Commissioners.

Download this pdf file. Click here for more information on Agency Divisions