Lauren Holcomb

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Ms. Lauren Holcomb oversees SCSC agency operations, including strategic planning, policy, communications and other activities. Ms. Holcomb works closely with commissioners, state leaders and stakeholders to align SCSC initiatives with the state's education goals and ensure that state charter schools are fulfilling the SCSC mission of providing students with high quality educational opportunities. 

Sarah Beck

Associate General Counsel and Operational Accountability Manager

As Associate General Counsel and Operational Accountability Manager, Ms. Sarah Beck is charged with assessing the legal compliance of state charter schools boards and staffs.

Darcy Callaway

Business Manager

As Business Manager, Ms. Darcy Callaway maintains the agency budget, oversees office administrative functions, recruits and manages interns and serves as a constituent and legislative liaison.

Kristen Easterbrook

Charter Development Manager

Ms. Kristen Easterbrook oversees the development of state charter schools from petitioners to operational schools. 

Morgan Felts

Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Morgan Felts oversees the accountability team and many internal aspects of SCSC operations. 

Rennie Laryea

Associate General Counsel

Ms. Rennie Laryea serves as Associate General Counsel where she oversees petition review, contracts, guidance, complaints and assists with staff monitoring.

Cerrone Lockett

General Counsel

Ms. Lockett joined the SCSC staff in November 2019. Prior to assuming the role of SCSC General Counsel, Ms. Lockett served as an attorney and subject-matter expert with the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, where she supervised compliance investigations, negotiated resolution agreements, and provided technical assistance.

Katie Manthey

Director of Research & Evaluation

Ms. Katie Manthey oversees SCSC research initiatives, program evaluation, academic accountability and charter renewals. In this role, Ms. Manthey assesses whether state charter schools are fulfilling the SCSC mission of providing students with a better educational opportunity. 

Danielle Williams

Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Ms. Danielle Williams oversees the communications and outreach initiatives for the SCSC.