SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework

What is a Comprehensive Performance Framework?

The SCSC is committed to continually improving and refining its authorizing practices.   As a result, the SCSC engaged the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) in 2014 to conduct an authorizer evaluation of SCSC policies and practices.  The primary recommendation stemming from the NACSA evaluation included the development of a comprehensive performance framework that could serve as the SCSC’s primary accountability tool for assessing academic, financial, and operational performance at the school-level.  Specifically, NACSA advised the SCSC to develop, adopt into policy, and incorporate into each charter contract a multivariable performance framework that clearly defines and establishes the SCSC’s expectations for:

  • Academic Performance on both achievement and growth,
  • Financial Performance in terms of near-term viability and long-term sustainability, and
  • Organizational Performance in critical areas such as governance and legal compliance.

The Goal:

A comprehensive framework will promote increased transparency and objectivity by clarifying SCSC accountability expectations and by providing schools with an annual assessment of where they stand in terms of charter renewal.  In other words, the performance framework will enable charter school performance contracting to function as intended by eliminating any uncertainty about expected outcomes as well as what constitutes objective evidence of achievement.

The Framework:

After several months of development, discussions at governance board trainings and SCSC meetings, as well as trainings with schools, SCSC staff finalized the Comprehensive Performance Framework and the SCSC approved the Framework at its meeting on September 30, 2015.  Four documents are attached below to help stakeholders understand the comprehensive framework.  These documents are:

  1. Presentation: What is a Performance Framework?
    • This presentation summarizes why the SCSC has developed a performance framework, why performance frameworks are important, and how a performance framework would be utilized.
  2. SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework, Overview
    • This document serves as the companion and preface to the official performance framework.  It explains the background, purpose, and rationale while also outlining SCSC performance expectations. 
  3. SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework, Indicators and Weights
    • This document contains all indicators, measures, and weighting for each of the three performance areas (academics, finance, and operations.)  Each school will receive an annual determination of performance on the indicators and measures using this template.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions regarding the SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework

How This Impacts Existing Schools:

For purposes of upcoming SCSC charter renewals, all state charter schools with existing charter contracts will be allowed to choose whether they wish to be evaluated by the terms of the current contracts (performance goals) OR whether they wish to be evaluated in accordance with the new comprehensive performance framework.  The framework will likely be an attractive option for many schools since it incorporates a wider variety of measures (including a greater emphasis on growth and value-added impact on student achievement) than current SCSC charter contracts.  Please note, however, that the framework will automatically be incorporated into all contracts for future state charter schools including existing schools that are renewed at the conclusion of their current contract terms.

How This Impacts New Schools:

The SCSC comprehensive performance framework will be incorporated into the charter contracts for all state charter schools approved by the SCSC for the 2016-2017 school year or later.  These state charter schools will be evaluated based on the indicators and measures of the comprehensive performance framework rather than individual performance goals contained in the charter contract.

SCSC 2015-16 Accountability Webinar