SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework

The SCSC's official accountability tool is the Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) which assesses school performance in three critical areas: 

  1. Academic Performance in terms of achievement, growth, and value-added impact (which controls for each school's unique student population so as to ensure "apples to apples" comparisons between and amongst schools);
  2. Financial Performance in terms of near-term viability and long-term sustainability, and
  3. Organizational Performance as it relates to governance and legal compliance.

Background on the CPF

The SCSC engaged the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) in 2014 to conduct an authorizer evaluation of SCSC policies and practices.  The primary recommendation stemming from the NACSA evaluation included the development of a comprehensive performance framework that could serve as the SCSC’s primary accountability tool for assessing academic, financial, and operational performance at the school-level.  Specifically, NACSA advised the SCSC to develop, adopt into policy, and incorporate into each charter contract a multivariable performance framework that clearly defines and establishes the SCSC’s expectations for renewal.  

Goal of the CPF

A comprehensive framework promotes transparency and objectivity by clarifying SCSC accountability expectations and by providing schools with an annual assessment of where they stand in terms of charter renewal.  In other words, the performance framework eliminates any uncertainty about expected outcomes as well as what constitutes objective evidence of achievement.

CPF Results

The SCSC CPF Accountability Website provides school-level performance results in academics, finance and operations for all state charter schools. The purpose of the website is to help parents, students, educators and communities understand how their state charter school is performing and track their school’s progress toward charter renewal.