Charter Renewal

In the last year of a school's charter term, the school may apply for charter renewal. The SCSC charter renewal process is data-driven, meaning staff and commissioners consider the performance track record of the school as measured by the SCSC Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) and whether the school is fulfilling the SCSC mission of providing students with a better educational opportunity than they would otherwise receive in traditional district schools.

2023-24 Renewal Process

State charter schools with charter terms expiring on June 30, 2024, must submit a renewal application to the SCSC during the 2023-2024 school year. The SCSC renewal application is a streamlined petition that allows the charter authorizer to evaluate a school’s track record of performance in meeting obligations under its charter contract. The primary component of a state charter school's renewal application is the school's performance track record in academics, finance, and operations as measured by the SCSC CPF. State charter schools up for renewal also participate in a capacity interview. The SCSC CPF document outlines how the SCSC uses school performance results to develop renewal recommendations. Please review the guidance below for additional information. 

Download this pdf file. 2023-24 Renewal Guidance


The SCSC is committed to ensuring that its charter renewal process—including but not limited to the evaluation of state charter school performance—is completed in an equitable and timely manner. The SCSC seeks to make renewal/non-renewal decisions as early as possible during the final year of a school’s charter contract to allow students, parents, and school personnel as much time as possible to prepare for the following school year. 

Task Date
Renewal Application Release November 1, 2023
Interview Scheduling December 2023
Applications Due January 3, 2024
Renewal Interviews Jan. 29- Feb. 2, 2024
Recommendation Letters Mailed February 14, 2024
Recommendations Posted February 21, 2024
Commission Votes on Recommendations February 28, 2024

Renewal Recommendations

Download this pdf file. 2023-24 Renewal Recommendations

Past renewal recommendations can be reviewed below. 

Renewal Year  Recommendation
2022-23 Download this pdf file. 2023 Recommendations
2021-22 Download this pdf file. 2022 Recommendations



Katie Manthey

Director of Research & Evaluation