Approved Auditor Program

Over the past decade, authorizers and researchers throughout the nation have identified the issue of inconsistent financial reporting within the charter sector as a barrier to operational success. Difficulties can arise in a variety of areas-from improper accounting to the hiring of unqualified auditors. SCSC staff and commissioners understand that identifying, selecting, and compensating the "right" auditor can be challenging for state charter schools operating as newly formed LEAs. As a result, the SCSC instituted its Approved Auditor Program, through which the SCSC vets and approves highly qualified firms that meet both state and national accounting standards and covers the cost of annual audits for state charter schools that utilize an SCSC-approved auditor. Selected firms have extensive charter school experience and will provide a level of service from which state charter school governing boards can benefit.

State charter schools are required to receive annual independent audits conducted by a certified professional accountant authorized to do business in Georgia each year.  To facilitate timely, accurate, and high-quality audits, the SCSC approves auditors that state charter schools may select to conduct their required audit at the expense of the SCSC.

Request for Proposals

The SCSC is currently soliciting proposals from individuals or firms interested in becoming an Approved Auditor to provide services to state charter schools as part of the SCSC's 2024 Approved Auditor Program. The Request for Proposals and related materials are below. 

March 4, 2024 – Request for Proposals released

April 1, 2024 – Proposals due to SCSC for consideration

April 25, 2024 – Expected Award Notification 

Please see the Request for Proposals and supplemental attachments for additional information and instructions.

Download this pdf file. SCSC FY24 Approved Auditor Program