FY23 Start-Up & Replication Petition Priorities

To increase charter school choice in communities with limited educational options, the SCSC will prioritize FY23 petitions for schools located in priority areas.


A “Priority Area” is a location more than five miles from any operational charter school. The SCSC will accept and consider petitions for state charter schools located outside of Priority Areas; however, these petitions may be denied solely based on school location. If approved, any petition that proposes a state charter school located in a Priority Area must locate and serve students within the Priority Area identified in the petition during its first operational school year.  

For an interactive map of operational charter schools in Georgia as of October 2022, please access this link. Operational charter schools are identified by location/address. Each operational charter school is encircled by a yellow area, which represents a 5-mile radius around the charter school’s location. Users may enter an address in the search bar at the top of the screen. After pressing “enter,” the search result will display the identified location in relation to operational charter schools and the 5-mile radius that surrounds them. 

This program was developed from publicly available school location data published by the Georgia Department of Education and is provided as a tool to assist petitioners in preparing charter applications. The SCSC is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in this tool. Therefore, the tool should not be exclusively relied upon when making decisions regarding school location. Petitioners are strongly encouraged to independently verify the accuracy of all information and selections in the charter application, including but not limited to those relevant to priority area status


The FY23 petition priorities apply to start-up and replication petitions.


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