January 26, 2016

ATLANTA - The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) today announced that the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) received 12 out of 12 points on NACSA’s Index of Essential Practices (Index), an annual assessment of charter school authorizer quality. The SCSC is one of only two charter school authorizers in Georgia and 31 charter school authorizers nationally to receive a perfect score. 161 authorizers across the nation were assessed.

“As a relatively new authorizer, the SCSC has worked quickly and diligently to ensure that we authorize quality charter schools that will give Georgia students the best possible chance for academic success,” said SCSC Chair Jennifer Rippner. “We are pleased to be recognized by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers for our practices.”

As the member association for charter school authorizers, NACSA focuses on the establishment of effective charter school policy and charter authorizing procedures that lead to quality public schools. In 2011, NACSA began publishing the Index, outlining the progress of authorizers in adopting 12 Essential Practices which are critical to fulfilling the responsibilities of an authorizer. These practices include the use of expert panels that include external members to review charter applications; requiring and/or examining annual, independent financial audits of charter schools; and providing an annual report to each school on its performance; among others. NACSA pulls data for the Index from individual authorizer practices self-reported in response to NACSA’s annual survey of authorizers. NACSA recommends that authorizing staff and boards, charter schools, and lawmakers use the results as a self-assessment tool and implement any missing practices.

More information about NACSA and the Index of Essential Practices is available here.

The SCSC is a state-level, independent charter school authorizing entity. The mission of the SCSC is to improve public education by authorizing high quality charter schools that provide students with better educational opportunities than they would otherwise receive in traditional district schools. The SCSC has the power to approve or deny petitions for state charter schools and renew, non-renew, or terminate state charter school petitions in accordance with Georgia law.


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