ATLANTA – The State Charter Schools Commission issued the following statement today on Georgia Cyber Academy and its education service provider, K12 Inc.:

“The State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC) is aware that one of its schools, Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), is in a legal dispute with its education service provider, K12 Inc. (K12). While the SCSC does not intervene in the contractual disputes of its schools, we have been notified of recent statements made by K12 on social media alleging improper behavior from GCA, including the misuse of public dollars and potential violations of laws. As the school’s charter school authorizer, the SCSC has an obligation to correct the public record.

The SCSC has seen no evidence to indicate any financial mismanagement at GCA or violations of open enrollment laws. Georgia Cyber Academy is in good financial and operational standing with the SCSC. The SCSC supports the rights of all Georgia charter schools, including GCA, to exercise their autonomy under the law to make programming decisions that best serve students.

Further, the SCSC understands that K12 has restricted access to certain historical records that are the property of GCA, thus compromising the ability of students to pursue future educational opportunities. The SCSC, in consult with the Office of the Attorney General, has issued a letter to K12 requesting compliance.”

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