The SCSC's official accountability tool is the Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) which assesses school performance in three critical areas: academic achievement, financial management, and operational compliance. The purpose of the CPF is to promote transparency and objectivity by clarifying SCSC performance expectations and by providing schools with an annual assessment of where they stand in terms of charter renewal. The SCSC annually reviews the CPF to ensure that the metrics included accurately depict a school’s performance in each of the areas. As SCSC staff considers changes to the CPF, we conduct research, solicit feedback from school leaders, and receive input from GaDOE Charter Division.

Specific priorities for the 2019 updates and amendments are:

1.Reflecting the SCSC mission and values;

2.Increasing public understanding of school performance; and

3.Capturing regulatory updates while respecting school autonomy. 


Proposed changes include: 

• the removal of some burdensome, unaligned metrics;

• the reworking of certain metrics to ensure expectations are clear;

• the addition of new metrics that provide schools more opportunities to demonstrate performance; and

• restructuring and language edits to provide uniformity across sections.


The proposed amendments will be open for public comment and feedback for 45 days from Oct. 30th. Staff will synthesize feedback and present a final recommendation prior to the January meeting. Staff will recommend final amendments for Commissioner adoption at the January 2020 SCSC meeting.

For reporting 2018-19 CPF results, schools scores will be generated using both the old CPF and the updated CPF with the proposed amendments. The higher score will be used.

Written feedback should be submitted to Katie Manthey by 5 p.m. on Monday Dec. 16th.


The proposed amendments and updates were presented to the SCSC board of commissioners at the Oct. 30, 2019 meeting (the presentation is included in the related files below) and were shared with school staff via webinar that same day. 

Click here to view a recording of the 2019 CPF Amendments webinar.

Contact Katie Manthey

Director of Research & Evaluation