Training Presentations and Materials

The SCSC has provided training opportunities to state charters on the following topics and programs. Please click on the topic/program name to find the associated presentation.

FY21 Petitioner Bootcamp

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Download this pdf file.FY21 Petitioner Bootcamp Presentation

FY21 Assessment Coordinators Training

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FY21 LEA Reporting Training

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Download this pdf file.FY21 LEA Reporting Training Presentation

FY21 Academic Summit

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FY20 Academic Webinar Series

The purpose of this training is to use available data/evidence to identify learning gaps as a result of the Spring 2020 school closures and plan strategically for instructional next steps.

Training Part 1

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Training Part 2

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Training Documents:

Download this pdf file.Academic Webinar Series Presentation

Download this pdf file.Bernhardt Study

Download this doc file.Academic Webinar Series Chat Log

FY20 SCSC Governance Training

FY20 New Schools Orientation



FY20 SCSC Data Collections Form and State Charter School Budget Approvals 

FY20 Data Collections Conference Presentations

The Georgia Department of Education hosted its annual Data Collections Conference in August 2019. The conference focused on presenting attendees with a better understanding of state and federal reporting requirements, including any reporting changes for fiscal year 2020.  The conference also provided attendees with information related to the importance of internal data collections and reporting procedures. Click here to review the presentations from the FY20 conference.

2019 Petitioner Boot Camp

LEA Reporting Training

Academic Summit 2018 Download this pdf file. :

Academic Accountability

Charter Contracts (NACSA 2014)

Download this pdf file.Data Collections

Download this pdf file.Facilities

Download this pdf file.Finance and Budget



Newly Approved Schools


Resource Development

Students with Disabilities

Download this pdf file.Teacher and Leader Keys Effectiveness Systems

Download this pdf file.Title Programs